ohm - New collection from Ifö Electric

ohm - New collection from Ifö Electric


New collection from Ifö Electric

Ohm is a new porcelain luminaire collection for indoor andoutdoor use on walls, facades, ceilings and tables.

Ohm is the first grand collection by Ifö Electric in more than ten years and it’s designed by Kauppi & Kauppi, and was launched at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019.

Ohm is a lighting collection inspired by old porcelain insulators, one of the first electro technical products manufactured by Ifö in the early 1900´s. A family of porcelain luminaires for indoors and outdoors - walls, ceilings and tables.

The Ohm family includes the first table lamps in Ifö Electric´s century long history.

Company profile

Ifö Electric is an innovative company in Sweden with nearly a century of traditions. Ifö Electric lies in Bromölla.

The factory was built in 1948 on the lakeside, with a glorious view across Lake Ivö. In the middle of the lake lies the island Ivö on which a kaolin and limestone quarry was providing the factory with kaolin up until the 1960s.

After decades with ceramics trailing in the wake of plastics, the trend has now been reversed. More and more professional users as well as end consumers have discovered the unique properties of ceramics. It’s easy to keep clean, has a long working life, the colours do not fade and it is able to cope with difficult environmental conditions such as damp, heat and cold.

The combination of modern technology, great design and genuine craftsmanship has created rational production that competes successfully on the market.

Some of the Ifö Electric product groups, or "families" as they prefer to call them, have been around since the 1960s. Others are brand new.

Common to all is that they are made of ceramic, have timeless designs and a life span that surpasses most.

No one knows yet how old an Ifö light fitting can be. Wiring and screws may age and need to be replaced, but the ceramic will remain just as beautiful.

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