Table and Floor Lamps

The floor lamp is full of elegance, fills a space from the bottom to the top. Floor lamps usually find their place in the living room and / or dining room. Near a sofa or near the dining table, for a direct lighting.

Table lamps are gaining strength in the decorative world, not just at bedside tables at bedroom, the most common place to put them.

Use table lamps in the entrance hall, they are absolutely charming and create a beautiful decorative effect, besides being able to have a presence light, without consuming much energy. In the living room and dining room, table lamps enter the scene, for example on a table, near the sofa or above the sideboard. They are decorative pieces, which give more character and personality to the space. With regard to the office, we can also place a table lamp on the desk, allowing direct and precise lighting to work, without forcing the vision too much.

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